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Google’s Mobile-geddon

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Earl S. Pinsky

Google recently announced that it would begin putting more emphasis in search results on sites that are responsively designed for tablets and smartphones. Many people have dubbed that decision as Mobile-geddon since it will seriously affect non-mobile website search results. Many businesses are panicking because they’re being delisted or lowered on Google’s mobile search results. And with so many Internet users searching from their mobile devices, that’s a pretty substantial loss in traffic.

So what does that mean for you, your website and your business or organization?

Why Being Mobile-Friendly Matters

If you’ve ever searched for a website on your phone and ended up on a page that did not render properly for your device that means that the site was not responsive. It was not built to accommodate multiple mobile device sizes and layouts. Maybe you had to scroll across to find the menu. Or some of the images didn’t display. Due to the proliferation of mobile devices and Google’s recent decision, if you want to show up in search results, your page needs to be adaptable to whatever device it’s displayed on. You should care about this because a mobile-friendly version of your site greatly increases the likelihood of mobile users learning about your organization and its services.  

How Does Your Site Stack Up?

If you want to see how your site stacks up re mobile/responsive design you can check it with Google’s own webmaster tools here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/?url=ecao.org.

If you see results like these, it’s time to call us.

Page appears not mobile-friendly

·         Text too small to read

·         Links too close together

·         Mobile viewport not set

·         Content wider than screen

We are currently redeveloping several client websites to make them comply with the new Google standards and would be happy to discuss yours. The key here is to act quickly. No one wants to lose traffic or visitors to this change. It’s vital to make your site more accessible to everyone on every device.


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Adam Stanfield says:
May 22, 2015 At 4:44 PM
Excellent article

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